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We know the feeling when you're enjoying your ride, and suddenly, your battery is low. That's why long-range batteries with a range of 8 to 13 miles per charge are standard. Every scooter comes equipped with a handy charger so you never need to worry about running out of power. Our scooters also have a 360 degree rotatable seat for convenience, safety, and comfort.

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After an injury at work, I was feeling very restricted when it came to being able to get around. My wife decided to take me out and rented a wheelchair from PS Mobility Rentals. We had a great time and the chair was very easy to maneuver and store in the car. I will let people know that PS Mobility is here locally to take care of all Augusta's mobility needs! 


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PS Mobility Rentals has what you're looking for and is committed to providing top-notch mobility rentals. We are working to empower individuals to embrace life's adventures, whether planning a weekend getaway, a family vacation, following up with rehab, or just navigating through daily life.