We are disabled sisters married to retired veterans that created a grand idea. We are family centered and love to do activities as a family. From sports to church functions and any outdoor activities.

For years we weren’t able to do the things we love, our disabilities prevented us from going out. What started out as small aches and pains quickly became surgeries, scary diagnoses, and some days not being able to get out of bed. Soon we were missing out on our kids’ sports, doctor appointments, church service, and family activities because at times we couldn’t get around on our own.

This helped us see that we weren’t the only ones who suffered with missing out on important things by not having the means to get around.

We decided to help our communities by creating P.S Mobility Rentals.

"PS… Never miss another important event!"


To enhance mobility and independence by providing affordable, high-quality powered mobility rental services. Tailored to the diverse needs of our customers in the Augusta Metropolitan Community and the CSRA.


To be the go-to mobility rental company recognized for its exceptional service, innovation, and commitment to accessibility. Being family and veteran oriented we want to help people never miss another important event due to lack of mobility issues.