Light Weight Go-Go Elite Traveler


Why Choose our 3-Wheel Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Scooter?

  • Our #1 Rental for so many reasons.
  • Transportability
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use and maneuver.
  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • All terrain use
  • Comes with basket for storage.
  • Weight capacity 300 lbs. Top Speed 4 mph. 12 Ah battery pack. Heaviest Piece 29.5 lbs.
  • Auto-latching lockup mechanism permits frame separation with only one hand. Auto-connecting front to rear cable.
  • Includes two sets of easily changeable colored panels in two exciting colors - red and blue. Front frame-mounted seat post offers maximum stability.
  • All new frame design easily disassembles into 5 super lightweight pieces for convenient transport and storage.

Additional Accessories

Cup Holders, Shade Umbrellas, Lift Gate, Cane holders, Rain Gear to add on your order for an additional one time fee


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