Heavy Duty Rental Scooter

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Why choose our Heavy weight mobility scooter?

  • MOBILITY SCOOTER: The size of the upgraded 4-wheel mobility scooter has been increased to 42.5 x 41.3 x 19.7 inches, Increase power to 250w and easy to disassemble. Designed to safely support up to 300-330 pounds, the mobility scooter and its vacuum tires were engineered for durability and safety. Its easy grip tires are flat-free, non-marking, and are 8.7”. Its maximum speed is 3.7-5 mph, and it has a driving distance up to 15-18 miles per charge. The turning radius is greater than 4.3FT.
  • REASONABLE GROUND CLEARANCE: The increase in the overall size of the vehicle upgrade makes the ground clearance bigger, the stronger the vehicle's ability to pass through obstacles or uneven ground, but the high center of gravity reduces the stability; and the lower center of gravity can increase the stability . When the engineering designs a reasonable ground clearance of 4inch, you will have a SUV type 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter!
  • ADJUSTABLE COMPONENTS: The height and fixed direction of the seat, the width of the armrest and the angle of the steering bar can be adjusted. Upgraded and thickened seats and backrests larger than 15.75 inches provide soft cushioning and support. The rotating seat can rotate, making it easier for you to get off the scooter without aggravating back pain. The height adjustable seat can easily customize the push rod for a more comfortable fit.
  • UPGRADED OPERATION PANEL: The control panel allows you to use the shift dial to set the maximum speed, change from forward to reverse direction, turn on the headlights, and sound a warning tone if desired. The display also includes a color-coded battery life indicator to quickly check battery status for safe travel. The upgraded electric scooter retains the anti roller at the rear and adds a pair of mirrors at the front to ensure safety during reversing.


  • Easy to Transport
  • Intuitive Control Panel
  • Adjustable seat and armrests
  • 13-mile range, max speed 3.7mph
  • Pneumatic tires, electromagnetic brake

Additional Accessories

Cup Holders, Shade Umbrellas, Lift Gate, Cane holders, Rain Gear to add on your order for an additional one time fee


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